RESNET HERS Rater Training

“EnergyLogic’s online rater class was very well presented. The multitude of formats such as slideshow, video, text, etc. kept it most interesting. The content of each module was well organized, preparing the student for the end of module self evaluation quiz. The daily assignments prompted the student to use all available resources in order to complete the respective assignment. All in all, a very well put together online course, with solid support from EnergyLogic as needed. It provided the resources that I needed to successfully pass the RESNET National Exam.”

- Gary DiRienzo, DiRienzo Construction

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RESNET HERS Rater Online Training (Phase 1)

Join the EnergyLogic Academy to get all of the "classroom" knowledge you need to become a HERS Rater...on your own timeframe!  This course is self-paced - register now and get immediate access to the training.

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Start Date: Open EnrollmentLocation: Online
Cost: $450.00

RESNET HERS Rater Field Training (Phase 2)

There is nothing like spending time in the field with an experienced trainer to cement your classroom knowledge and prepare you for the “real” world of the energy auditor. The field training provides participants with hands-on training with diagnostic equipment and testing processes, as well as one-on-one access to top-notch instructors. This is the second phase of the RESNET HERS Rater training.

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Dates: December 1-4, 2014
Location: Berthoud, CO
Cost: $1,250.00

RESNET HERS Rater Training

The EnergyLogic Academy is committed to preparing students to earn HERS Rater Certification. To that end, the EnergyLogic Academy uses a unique approach to training. There are two phases to our training program. First, students need to complete the e-learning portion of training. The EnergyLogic Academy e-learning environment recognizes the different learning styles of students and overcomes traditional classroom-only based training. Our approach advances the state of online learning in the industry by engaging students with a full spectrum of multi-media components, interactive lessons, quizzes, progress evaluations and instructor interaction. Students learn together by working on a project that is specifically designed to engage the skills that students will need to become successful and competent energy raters.

The second phase of training is dedicated to an instructor led field training. This phase of training is designed to optimize your time with the diagnostic equipment and testing processes. We are proud to limit our class size to 5 participants in order for students to have increased one-one-one time with the instructor. All EnergyLogic field instructors have extensive experience rating and auditing homes. 

Online Classroom Training Phase

The “classroom” portion of Rater Training is delivered via the EnergyLogic Academy eLearning platform. This state-of-the-art learning management system allows us to deliver optimal training that addresses the learning styles of different students. We’ve built all manner of social interaction, online interactivity, quizzes and instructor interaction into the system. We truly believe it to be the best system in the industry for learning how to be an energy rater. Our objective is to prepare you to succeed, not just pass the test.

Syllabus – HERS Rater Training Online

Learning Outcomes:

  • To build an understanding of HERS Ratings, Standards, and industry structures
  • To build a tool kit for understanding building science and energy in the home
  • To build knowledge of the thermal enclosure system of the home
  • To build a foundational knowledge of the mechanical systems in the home
  • To introduce diagnostic testing processes and equipment
  • To develop familiarity with computer modeling

In addition to preparing you for the basics, this approach allows us to go deeper while allowing you to take it at your own pace with minimal constraints. By splitting our training into two components, the classroom and the field (see below), we’ve actually expanded the material we can present in the “classroom” as well as the time we can spend in the field giving you the “hands-on” experience that is so crucial to a solid understanding. In the words of one of our alumni:

“This is an excellent course. I have been submerged somewhat in building science for a few years now and I can tell you the this course has taught me a lot of new things and reinforced things that I have learned in the past. I also believe the social interaction is what puts this course over the top from a learning standpoint. Good Job!!”

- Brenda Hungerford, All Phase Inspection Services

Important Note on the SketchUp portion of online training: In this course we use Trimble SketchUp to perform plan takeoffs. We strongly recommend that you read the SketchUp software license fine print to determine which level is applicable to you.  Depending on how you plan to use the software, you can either use the free “Make” version or you may need to purchase the professional “Pro” version.

Field Training Phase

There is nothing like spending time in the field with an experienced trainer to cement your classroom knowledge and prepare you for the “real” world of an energy rater. One distinguishing feature of our trainers is that they have all worked as raters in the field, honing their craft. Every EnergyLogic instructor has personally rated hundreds of homes. We’re also fanatically dedicated to quality and passionate about the industry. If you’re serious about being a rater, you’ve come to the right place!

We make sure to spend enough time with every student to ensure comprehension and give every student a chance to work with the equipment in multiple situations. When you leave this phase of training, you’ll be very prepared to embark on the next phase of the HERS Rater certification process. A certificate of completion will not be issued to a student if they miss any portion of the live course.

The EnergyLogic Academy is committed to providing the highest quality field training. To this end, we are committed to small class sizes. Our field training is capped at 5 participants to ensure extensive hands-on time with the tools and one-on-one time with the instructor.

Syllabus – HERS Rater Training Field

Learning Outcomes:

  • To develop a full understanding of measuring and inspecting a home for home energy ratings
  • To develop competency using the manometer
  • To develop competency using the blower door system
  • To develop competency using the duct blaster system
  • Demonstrate competency with combustion safety testing
  • To complete 2 practice ratings


To complete the training phase of the HERS Rater training you must complete three exams. 

  1. RESNET National Rater Exam – $100.00 to RESNET
  2. RESNET Combustion Safety Written Exam – $50.00 to RESNET
  3. RESNET Combustion Safety Practical Exam – $199.00 to RESNET

You will have the ability to purchase the RESNET Exams when you enroll in our training. By purchasing the RESNET Combustion Safety Practical exam you will have access to the RESCaz simulator training. The RESCaz simulator training is an activity in the 23rd module of the course. 

EnergyLogic will only set up RESNET exams for EnergyLogic Academy students.

Certification Completion

Successful completion of the online and field training, combined with passing the exams, does not complete your certification. The final step for HERS Rater candidates is selecting a HERS Provider. After the selection of your HERS Provider, you are required to complete a minimum of 3 probationary ratings under the supervision of the Provider’s quality assurance designee. Once those ratings are complete, the HERS Provider will issue you the HERS Rater certification. More details can be found in The Path to Becoming an Energy Rater document.


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