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Game of Homes: End of the Experiment, for Now

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Game of Homes: End of the Experiment, for Now

We regret to let you know that we’ve discontinued Game of Homes.

Game of Homes was a great experience for all of us here at EnergyLogic. We were and remain excited about pushing the boundaries of experiential training. Game of Homes was a decided success in creating a different, effective and exciting learning and training platform. We learned a lot putting it together and working with a number of industry experts and practitioners. We want to thank our exceptional sponsors The Energy Conservatory and Owens Corning. We wouldn’t have even gotten off the ground without you!

However, business is business and great concepts don’t always make for great business! High quality work requires a great deal of time and effort and for now, we’ve decided to take what we’ve learned and look for new opportunities. EnergyLogic remains deeply committed to the noble effort of training people new to the industry and working with other seasoned professionals. Please visit the EnergyLogic Academy for more on our training offerings.

If you have any questions about Game of Homes, please contact us here.

Steve Byers
CEO – EnergyLogic