About EnergyLogic Academy

Thanks for your inquiry regarding EnergyLogic’s training services. Energylogic is currently evaluating our training product line and services, and not offering training services during this evaluation period.

We appreciate your interest, and should we decide we are able to offer a quality training product in an affordable price range, we will notify you as soon as possible. Please contact us if you'd like to be added to our notification list.

Please note, this "pause" in training does not affect RaterFest! or our providing & QA services!

EnergyLogic is one of the longest established, most innovative and professional training organizations in the industry. We have been training students since 2006. Whether you need RESNET®, USGBC LEED®, BPI or other certification or you simply want the best in both live and state-of-the-art eLearning that is available. The EnergyLogic Academy can meet and exceed your expectations.

As one of the first companies to fully embrace the potential of eLearning in Applied Building Science, EnergyLogic has a deep commitment to innovation in training. We continue to be an active participant on various RESNET committees to ensure the quality of trainings across the country. To realize the potential that eLearning represents, it takes a tremendous investment of time and resources. EnergyLogic has made that investment and is pushing the industry ahead with socially integrated, comprehensive eLearning that addresses the unique challenges of the eLearning platform. We work closely with some of the best subject matter experts in the industry to deliver relevant, intriguing courses to busy professionals.

We continuously scan the horizon for new techniques and new approaches to bring deep and broad industry experience as both practitioners and trainers. Join us to begin and expand your career as a residential energy professional.

What separates us from the rest is our dedicated team of practiced professionals who will provide your training and certification needs. All of our trainers have thousands of hours in the field, working in the same job they are teaching you. You won’t find that in many places! Our trainers know the tools and equipment you will use, and can provide you with one of the best comprehensive, hands-on field training experiences in the business. These are the same trainers who conduct our online and field trainings.

EnergyLogic, Inc.

EnergyLogic Academy is a sister company of EnergyLogic, Inc. EnergyLogic is a leading provider of home energy efficiency products and services in Colorado and throughout the United States. On a local level, we are a leader in providing services to a multitude of custom and production home builders across the front range. Our company has had a role in improving over 20,000 new homes in Colorado alone. Nationally, EnergyLogic provides products and services to the Energy Efficiency/Sustainability Industry by working with hundreds of new and existing Energy Raters and Rating Companies through providership programs as well as through the EnergyLogic Academy.  We also develop and market our own proprietary software made specifically for our industry, DASH. To learn more about EnergyLogic, Inc., please visit our website.