Badges Overview

The EnergyLogic Academy issues Mozilla Open Badges at the completion of courses.  Mozilla Open Badges are a way to gain recognition for the things you learn, online and off. Visit Mozilla’s badge overview page to learn more about the exciting ways that Badges can share your educational achievements.

Below is a list of badges currently available from EnergyLogic Academy.  Start your collection today!


Online-HERS-Rater Field-HERS-Rater RESNET-RFI
HERS-for-BPI-Analysts Combo-BPI-Analyst Online-BPI-Analyst Field-BPI-Analyst
EnergyLogic Academy Badges LEED-101 LEED-201 LEED-401
LEED-for-Homes-Program-Review LEED-Green-Rater-Exam-Prep LEED-Simulated-Green-Rater-Exam RESNET-2015-LEED
RESNET-2015-Multifamily RESNET-2015-SketchUp RESNET-2015-WaterSense EnergyStar-V3
WaterSense EPA-Indoor-AirPlus RaterFest! RESCAZ
Mecanical-Ventilation SketchUp Building-Science-Basics Top-5-Tips-RemRate