Frequently Asked Questions

The EnergyLogic Academy offers training for the RESNET HERS Rater and BPI Building Analyst certification. Ultimately many people become duel certified. The question to ask yourself is what you goal with the certification is? If it is to work with builder then we recommend starting with RESNET HERS Rater. If you want to assist homeowners then we recommend starting with BPI Building Analyst.
Each city, county, and state will offer different types of educational programs for displaced workers, veterans, and other public groups. Contact your local county workforce center for information on programs that might be available to you. Our local county website is the Larimer County Workforce.
We are asked this question all the time – probably more than all the time! As you know, job markets change constantly! The Energy Efficiency or Energy Sustainability Industry is a fairly new one. It is changing all the time, but it is a growing industry. As municipalities and utilities change laws and change programs, so does the job of your average Energy Professional. As codes change, builders are using rating companies to help them with the process. It is impossible to know all the local laws and codes across the entire US, but we do know that every year there are more builders, states and utilities adding efficiency programs which employ raters and auditors like us!
A hybrid course combines the convenience of e-learning with field training. Hybrid courses require participants to complete self-study in the EnergyLogic Academy learning management system prior to attending field training. This provides the student with all of the classroom knowledge needed, preparing them for the hands on field training portion of the course.
An online self-paced course is available to the student immediately upon registration. These courses are administered online in the EnergyLogic Academy and can be done at your own pace and convenience. These courses are typically available for you to complete for 90 days.
A field or classroom course is a live training taught by an EnergyLogic instructor. The majority of our field / classroom trainings are taught in Colorado. We are committed to small class sizes, in order to assure that each student receives one-on-one attention.
The EnergyLogic Academy learning management system issues badges to those that complete courses. This system is a way to recognize you for your education, career and lifelong learning. These badges can be collected and displayed to prove your skills to potential employers, organizations, clients, and many more. To learn more visit Mozilla OpenBadges.