Game of Homes: End of the Experiment, for Now

Game of Homes: End of the Experiment, for Now We regret to let you know that we’ve discontinued Game of Homes. Game of Homes was a great experience for all of us here at EnergyLogic. We were and remain excited about pushing the boundaries of experiential training. Game of Homes was a decided success in […]

RESNET Providers – Start Counting Your Quarters

  RESNET Providers Start Counting Your Quarters; RESNET QA Changes Now in Effect There has been much deliberation over RESNET’s QA requirements over the last few years, specifically the frequency of QA on raters.  In 2014, RESNET announced a big change that has gone into effect as of June 1st, 2015.  1% and 10% QA […]

RESNET & ICC Video on the HERS Index

RESNET & ICC Video on the HERS Index The HERS Index is a simple, straightforward approach to measuring and labeling a home’s energy efficiency. The lower the score, the better the energy performance. The HERS Index Score is one number that tells you if a home meets your energy code, like a miles-per-gallon label for […]

Sweet Referral Program, Eh?

Sweet Referral Program, Eh? At EnergyLogic Academy our most effective marketing has always been word of mouth. Our extensive trainings have provided the industry with ready-to-work graduates who are more prepared to enter the workforce than many others.  This is what our customer’s know. This is why they send their new recruits to us. We […]

RESNET Courses for Code Officials and Architects

RESNET®  Courses Now for Code Officials & Architects  EnergyLogic Academy is now offering two new courses designed to educate residential home professionals the RESNET Home Energy Rating System (HERS). The course will teach the workings of the Home Energy Rating Industry to ‘non-Raters’ who work with Raters in New Residential Building.  We are proud to […]

Eye’s In the Sky with Remote Video QA

Eye’s In the Sky with Remote Video QA Access to homes for on-site QA is challenging, costly, and difficult to schedule with low volume raters. EnergyLogic is piloting a quality assurance program using video conferencing. No, no, no, we don’t get to use the quad-copter mini camera drone I got for Christmas last year, darn […]

RaterFest! 2014 Recap

RaterFest! 2014 Recap As we arrived at the site for RaterFest! 2014, the sky was overcast, the clouds basically right at our just over 9000′ elevation. The glory of our setting wouldn’t be revealed until the next morning. The education and the interaction began right away with fantastic and thought provoking talks. One of the […]

Above and Beyond Energy: One Rater’s Success Story

Above and Beyond Energy: One Rater’s Success Story   For two years Mark Jabaley worked as an energy rater under the tutelage of the EnergyLogic team, learning the ins-and-outs of expert-level energy rating and what it takes to help builders construct energy-efficient homes. When he left the company to start an energy rating business of […]

Five Time Saving Tips for Home Energy Raters

Five Time Saving Tips for Home Energy Raters As a home energy rater, you understand the necessity of using your time as efficiently as possible. From takeoffs to certificates, organization is key, and a well-planned day will likely lead to a successful day. While most view our profession as taking place in the home, a […]

Crawlspace Modeling isn’t all Runways and Catwalks

Crawlspace Modeling isn’t all Runways and Catwalks Modeling crawlspaces in REMRate can be a challenge for new and experienced raters alike. And it seems that just when you think you have it figured out, we get new guidance and have to model it differently all over again. Building codes and misconceptions among designers and builders […]

Covenant Heights - Grounds

New Proposal has HERS Raters Gasping for Air

New Proposal has HERS Raters Gasping for Air A recent proposal for a new RESNET ANSI Standard on air leakage testing may have some raters gasping for air. Most of the proposed ANSI standard is already in effect, but some of the changes in tolerance levels could cause some back and forth, especially for duct leakage […]

So Tell Us…

We really really want to know. I mean really. We’re pretty proud of our industry knowledge and involvement, and would like to know what matters to you most?  What industry questions have you had lurking in the back of your mind? What befuddles you, or makes you stand up and cheer. What technical requirement or […]

The Powers That Be

Ever felt like the Powers That Be are conspiring against you?  Let’s admit it, we’ve all played the victim at one time or another.  And we’ve all blamed a faceless enemy for our problems- The Fed, The Man, The Big Dog, Illuminati… The Knights of Columbus.  Okay, I’ve yet to hear a conspiracy theory on […]

Director’s Corner – November 2013

A Note from Scott Doyle, Director of EnergyLogic’s Energy Professional Services Division Are you a rater, auditor, or installer who is thinking of advancing your career by obtaining a new BPI credential?  It’s been said that our industry has caught a case of certificationitis.  And it is true that there have been a lot of […]

Don’t Be Spooked by RESNET® Ch. 8 on Windy Days

Don’t Be Spooked by RESNET® Ch. 8 on Windy Days Have you ever done a blower door test on a windy day and the reading jumps around? Kinda spooky sometimes what pressures can do to a house. Some of the typical workarounds were to use the time average function, or set the blower door in […]

Energy Use Guarantee – Newsletter Article

EnergyLogic Offers Powerful New Tool to Select HERS Rater Partners A HERS Rating is a fantastic service to sell your builders. But what could make it even more fantastic? How about guaranteeing the heating and cooling energy of any home with a HERS Rating? Now we’re talkin’!

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night… It wasn’t exactly as we planned. However, RaterFest! 2013 may well be the most memorable RaterFest ever, if for no better reason than the “biblical” level of flooding that our locale received starting Thursday morning, the kickoff day for the event…

BBQ, Beer, and Builders

BBQ, Beer, and Builders Raters and auditors, are you a member of your Local Home Builders Association?  If not, why not? This is a great opportunity to meet Builders in your area!

Top 5 Tips & Tricks in REM/Rate article

Top 5 Tips & Tricks in REM/Rate We are excited to roll out our Top 5 Tips & Tricks in REM/Rate Training – whether a novice or a seasoned REM user, everyone will benefit from the expert knowledge and tips presented in this course.

RaterFest! 2013 – Newsletter Article

Update!    EnergyLogic is excited to announce our 5th annual RaterFest! retreat – join us from September 13 – 15 for this intimate and engaging conference nestled in the Rocky Mountains near Black Hawk, Colorado.  Read on for information on how to register, complete presenter/topic lists, and information on our great new venue.  Also, stay tuned in the coming weeks for a […]

Tough Lessons Learned by EnergyLogic

Tough Lessons Learned by EnergyLogic  Dotting I-s and Crossing T-s. Look before you leap. A stitch in time saves nine. And etc. Looking back at 2012, I thought it would be helpful to provide you with a lessons learned synopsis from EnergyLogic. There is a saying that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. […]

Customer Service in Home Performance

Customer Service in Home Performance Something has gone missing and I need your help to find it. Unlike most of the things that go missing in my world, this time the dog didn’t eat it, my 5 year old didn’t lose it in the bottom of a toy box, and my 12 year old didn’t […]