The Powers That Be

Ever felt like the Powers That Be are conspiring against you?  Let’s admit it, we’ve all played the victim at one time or another.  And we’ve all blamed a faceless enemy for our problems- The Fed, The Man, The Big Dog, Illuminati… The Knights of Columbus.  Okay, I’ve yet to hear a conspiracy theory on […]

Director’s Corner – November 2013

A Note from Scott Doyle, Director of EnergyLogic’s Energy Professional Services Division Are you a rater, auditor, or installer who is thinking of advancing your career by obtaining a new BPI credential?  It’s been said that our industry has caught a case of certificationitis.  And it is true that there have been a lot of […]

Energy Use Guarantee – Newsletter Article

EnergyLogic Offers Powerful New Tool to Select HERS Rater Partners A HERS Rating is a fantastic service to sell your builders. But what could make it even more fantastic? How about guaranteeing the heating and cooling energy of any home with a HERS Rating? Now we’re talkin’!

BBQ, Beer, and Builders

BBQ, Beer, and Builders Raters and auditors, are you a member of your Local Home Builders Association?  If not, why not? This is a great opportunity to meet Builders in your area!

Tough Lessons Learned by EnergyLogic

Tough Lessons Learned by EnergyLogic  Dotting I-s and Crossing T-s. Look before you leap. A stitch in time saves nine. And etc. Looking back at 2012, I thought it would be helpful to provide you with a lessons learned synopsis from EnergyLogic. There is a saying that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. […]

Customer Service in Home Performance

Customer Service in Home Performance Something has gone missing and I need your help to find it. Unlike most of the things that go missing in my world, this time the dog didn’t eat it, my 5 year old didn’t lose it in the bottom of a toy box, and my 12 year old didn’t […]