BPI Building Analyst Certification Courses


Most of the 130 million existing homes in the US were built before modern energy codes were established. With rising energy costs, BPI certified professionals are in high demand and have a clear upper hand in an industry based on word of mouth and trust. Position your business as an industry leader with advanced experience in the house-as-a-system approach. The BPI training gives professionals the ability to deliver better service to customers by efficiently identifying issues, prioritizing repairs and providing more accurate estimates of their return on investment through energy savings.

What benefits do you get with becoming BPI certified?

  • Eligible for BPI accreditation as a company.
  • Have an understanding of the “house-as-a-system” approach to home performance.
  • Perform BPI energy audits according to Building Analyst Standards
  • Conduct safety and performance tests to assess system condition, identify savings opportunities and prepare a “work-scope” with meaningful, cost effective solutions


BPI Building Analyst Training Combo Phase 1 & 2

The BPI Building Analyst training combo package offers candidates seeking certification to purchase both phases at a discounted price. The phase two BA training date is selected by the student from any of the available scheduled phase two offerings. Click here for enrollment options, course dates, and more information>>



BPI Building Analyst Training Phase 1Online-BPI-Analyst-Training

The first phase of Building Analyst training covers all of the classroom knowledge of a Building Analyst (aka certified existing home auditor) with 24 self-paced modules.  This course is step one to becoming a Building Analyst who audits existing homes through applied building science methods. It is also for people that want to acquire the knowledge of a Building Analyst, but don’t need the full certification.  Click here for enrollment options, course dates, and more information >>


Field-BPI-Analyst-TrainingBPI Building Analyst Training Phase 2

The second phase of Building Analyst Training offers hands-on practice with inspection and diagnostic testing equipment required to perform a home energy audit. This training is for students who have completed our phase one course (or equivalent elsewhere) and intent of achieving certification. This course involves extensive field work and training with industry equipment. Click here for enrollment options, course dates, and more information >>


BPI-Analyst-for-HERS-RatersBPI Building Analyst’s Supplement for RESNET® HERS Rater

This course is designed to add the BPI Building Analyst certification to existing RESNET HERS Rater’s resumes. It is a modified version of the BPI Building Analyst Combo training with a significantly shorter phase one training and a modified field training.  Click here for enrollment options, course dates, and more information >>