RESNET® HERS Rater Training for BPI Building Analysts

Our RESNET HERS Rater Supplement Training for BPI Building Analysts is specifically designed for those who are already certified BPI Building Analysts who would like to add the RESNET HERS Rater certification to their list of qualifications. This training has two phases. The first phase is completed online and the second is done in the field during an EnergyLogic Academy HERS Rater field training.

Attention Mac Users

The REM/Rate program and SketchUp plugins in this course will not work on the Mac/Apple operating system.
Learn more about computer requirements here.

Start Date: Anytime
Location: Online
Cost: $1,850

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Hybrid | Online + Field |10 – 20 hours + 3 Days Field

Program Overview

The online portion of HERS Rater training covers the core knowledge for the HERS Rater certification. This shortened supplemental course is geared toward those that already hold the BPI Building Analyst certification. If you are not a certified Building Analyst but feel that you have enough background knowledge to be eligible for this supplemental course, please contact us to discuss your experience.

The second phase of training is completed by joining EnergyLogic during a HERS Rater Field training. The standard HERS Rater field training is four days. For BPI Building Analysts we reduce the training to three days. The first day of the full HERS Rater Field training is dedicated to labs teaching participants about the blower door, duct testing, and pressure diagnostics. We excuse the BPI Building Analyst from this day of training. The BPI Building Analyst joins the class on the second day when the first practice rating is completed. They then participate in day three and four of the training.

Online course includes:

  • Modules on…
  • RESNET Standards & Energy
  • Efficient Mortgages Intro to Plans
  • Plan Takeoffs
  • REM/Rate Introduction
  • Class project
  • Practice Exam
  • Instructions for the next steps in the certification process

Credits & Attendance

You will meet the listed learning objectives by completing the following activities in this course:

  • Complete each module, and all items within each module
  • Participate in the social interactions in the course
  • Assume a leadership role when necessary; help other students when you have knowledge they don’t
  • Manage your time in the course
  • Approach the course with a desire to learn
  • Complete the class project

Badge Awarded:

Course Instructor

Ben Graham

Ben Graham RESNET® Instructor, Green Rater, Auditor Ben has been with Energy Logic as a HERS Rater since 2012 and has rated close to 1000 new homes in the Front Range. Before joining Energy Logic, Ben was a BPI Auditor working in the DC Metro area and has performed hundreds of existing home audits for utility sponsored programs. Ben’s experience working on new construction as well as existing homes, very old and not that old, has given him valuable teachable experience. Ben spends his free time outdoors in any adventurous activity he finds, ranging from rock climbing to hang gliding.