RESNET® HERS Rater Training Phase 1

Phase 1 of the EnergyLogic Academy HERS Rater Training covers all of the classroom knowledge necessary to become a HERS Rater.


Instructor: Scott Doyle

Online | Self Paced | 48-96 hours


Program Overview

Phase 1 of the EnergyLogic Academy HERS Rater training is designed to allow participants to navigate through the knowledge base needed for a HERS Rater at the users own pace. The course prepares students for the extensive knowledge needed in building science, building materials, integrated construction processes, HVAC equipment, and diagnostic testing equipment and processes.

The HERS Rater Training online course covers the core knowledge for the HERS Rater certification. By enrolling in our self-paced, open enrollment course, you will have 90 days to complete the training. You can complete the training at your own pace, and you do not need to take the whole enrollment period if it is not needed. There are 24 modules in the course – each module will take a minimum of 2 hours to complete, with some taking over 4 hours.

Phase 1 does not complete the training requirements for HERS Rater candidates. After completing phase 1 students must also join a RESNET Training Provider for field training.

Credits & Attendance

You will meet the listed learning objectives by completing the following activities in this course:

  • Complete each module, and all items within each module
  • Participate in the social interactions in the course
  • Assume a leadership role when necessary; help other students when you have knowledge they don’t
  • Manage your time in the course
  • Approach the course with a desire to learn
  • Successfully complete the class project

Badge Awarded

Who Should

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals ready to take the first step to becoming a certified RESNET HERS Rater.
  • Individuals that would like to obtain the knowledge of HERS Raters, but do not need the full certification, for example
    • Architects
    • Energy Efficiency Program Managers and Admins
    • Trades
    • Builders


Learning Objectives

After taking this course students will be able to:

  • Describe HERS Ratings, Standards, and industry structure
  • Analyze a home based on building science
  • Diagram a complete thermal enclosure system for a home
  • Classify the mechanical systems in a home
  • Explain the diagnostic testing processes and equipment for HERS Raters
  • Perform energy modeling on a home



All students taking this course are required to have the following textbook, which can be purchased here:



All candidates seeking HERS Rater Certification are required to pass three exams. These exams are not included in the purchase of this course. The exams are purchased separately from RESNET.

Earning Certification

Phase 1 does not complete the training requirements for HERS Rater candidates. After completing phase 1 students must also join a RESNET Training Provider for Field training.

Passing the course and national exams does not complete the HERS Rater certification process. The final step for HERS Rater candidates is selecting a HERS Provider. After the selection of a HERS Provider, candidates are required to complete a minimum of 3 probationary ratings under the supervision of the provider’s quality assurance designee. Once those ratings are complete, the HERS provider will issue the candidate the Rater certification. More details can be found in the The Path to Becoming an Energy Rater document.

Attention Mac Users

The REM/Rate program and SketchUp plugins in this course will not work on the Mac/Apple operating system. It is strongly recommended that you have access to a PC, or a Windows emulator on your Mac to use the software applications in this course.

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