Building Science Basics

This course provides students with a great introduction to building science.

Instructor: Scott Doyle

Online | Self Paced | 4 – 6 hours


Program Overview

Building science is the foundation of the sustainably built environment. Building science is the collection of scientific knowledge that focuses on the analysis and control of the physical phenomena affecting buildings. It traditionally includes the detailed analysis of building materials and building envelope systems. The practical purpose of building science is to provide predictive capability to optimize building performance and understand or prevent building failures.

Credits & Attendance

To receive a certificate of completion participants must complete all the modules in the course:

  1. Building Assemblies & Heat Transfer
  2. Air Flow in Buildings
  3. Building Assemblies & Moisture
  4. System Thinking & Human Comfort
  5. Final Exam

Each module consists of learning resources followed by a quiz. All items in the modules must be completed. The certificate will be issued once the final exam is passed with an 80% or higher.

Badge Awarded

Who Should

Who Should Attend:

This course is geared toward individuals who are looking to enter the home energy profession.


Learning Objectives

Participants should be able to:

  • Distinguish different pathways of energy flow through building assemblies.
  • Illustrate principles of air flow in homes.
  • Explain the moisture flow and impacts in building assemblies


Required Materials

Students are not required to purchase any textbooks or materials. Any necessary resources will be distributed in the course


More Info

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By enrolling in our self-paced, open enrollment course, you will have 90 days to complete the training. You can complete the training at your own pace, and you do not need to take the whole enrollment period if it is not needed.