Top 5 Tips and Tricks in REM/Rate

This course teaches novice users of REM/Rate five time-saving tips that are not covered in a typical HERS Training course.  Experienced REM/Rate users – are you currently using all five?

Attention Mac Users

The REM/Rate program will not work on the Mac/Apple operating system. Learn more about computer requirements here.


Instructor: Scott Doyle

Online | Self Paced | 1 hour


Program Overview

Like any complex software tool, REM/Rate has a lot of capabilities that go untapped by the novice user.  There is a lot to cover when doing a rating – and for novice users, it could take a half day or more just to work up one model.  Experienced users may find ways of doing things quicker, but should be on the look-out for ways to improve and streamline their process to save time.

It takes time and experience to learn all the nuances of a program, and graduate from novice to expert.  But what do these so-called ‘experts’ know that makes them so much faster?  Familiarity plays a huge role; that often comes from repetition and there is no shortcut for it.  The fact is that data entry and reporting can take time; however, there are some ways you can streamline the process – regardless of your experience level.

This course will outline EnergyLogic’s Top 5 Tips and Tricks in REM/Rate.  As with all EnergyLogic Academy software training, this course includes clear and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.  It is self-paced, learn from anywhere, online learning – simply put, this is software learning at its best!

Novice users of REM/Rate will learn time saving tips that are not covered in a typical HERS Training course.  Experienced REM/Rate users – are you currently using all five?  Enroll now to find out if you’ve been missing out!

Credits & Attendance

Approved for 1 RESNET Professional Development Credit.

Certificate of Completion is awarded after successfully passing the course’s final quiz.

Badge Awarded


Who Should

Who Should Attend:

Any user of REM/Rate.


Learning Objectives

To learn how to work with data in REM/Rate in a faster, efficient manner.



Course Materials

Participants need to have access to REM/Rate software to follow along with the exercises.



More Info

View the computer requirements for online courses. 

By enrolling in our self-paced, open enrollment course, you will have 90 days to complete the training. You can complete the training at your own pace, and you do not need to take the whole enrollment period if it is not needed.