Indoor Environmental Quality through EPA Indoor airPLUS™

This course guides the learner through the Indoor airPLUS® program and the specification guidebook, covering each of these specifications in detail. Indoor airPLUS labeled homes are designed and built to help protect homeowners from indoor air pollution. The program also provides builders of ENERGY STAR Certified Homes with a new opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Instructor: Scott Doyle

Online | Self Paced | 1 hour


Program Overview

Indoor Environmental Quality is a key feature of sustainable buildings.  The EPA has designed the Indoor airPLUS program as a companion to the ENERGY STAR for Homes program, adding health protection to the ENERGY STAR value proposition.  This course will describe how to achieve Indoor Environmental Quality in homes through the Indoor airPLUS program. The course will cover program basics, the importance of indoor air quality, and guides the learner through the program specifications guidebook. This course will cover each of the specifications in the Indoor airPLUS program in detail. It also includes the sections of the program that are covered in the ENERGY STAR for Homes version 3 program. After completing the detailed guided presentation of the construction specifications, participants are required to read the construction specifications guide included in the course.

Credits & Attendance

Students who complete all course requirements will earn 1 RESNET Professional Development CEU. 

Certificate of completion from the EnergyLogic Academy upon completion of the course.

Badge Awarded

Who Should

Who Should Attend:

This training program is ideal for anyone that is designing, building, or verifying a home in a green building program.
This is an intermediate level course – Course presents detailed, in-depth materials and instruction; learners should have some prerequisite knowledge and the ability to apply information in practice applications.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, the attendees should be able to

  • List the benefits of the Indoor airPLUS program for occupants & builders
  • Describe exemptions and alternate compliance paths within the program
  • Distinguish checklist items that must be verified from those that are allowed to be builder verified.
  • Evaluate construction design documentation for compliance with the IAP program specifications



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By enrolling in our self-paced, open enrollment course, you will have 90 days to complete the training. You can complete the training at your own pace, and you do not need to take the whole enrollment period if it is not needed.