SketchUp© Training at RESNET® 2017

EnergyLogic is excited to offer this live training at the RESNET Conference in Scottsdale Arizona!   This pre-conference session will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a model and making accurate takeoff calculations – getting you up to speed on the power and convenience of SketchUp.

Instructor: Glenn Pease

Classroom | 4 hours


Program Overview

Folks have been doing takeoffs for buildings pretty much since we scratched designs into the dirt. The state of building takeoffs has advanced a great deal since then – for most, anyway. For Energy Raters though, most of us have been doing something with paper, spreadsheets, red pens, highlighters, Oi Vey! Architects use fancier tools.

Why can’t we do better? We can.

EnergyLogic uses a convenient tool, SketchUp – a free tool that takes the headache out of takeoffs. SketchUp is easy to learn and fun to use. We’ve reduced our takeoff time dramatically meanwhile, increasing our accuracy.

SketchUp is a powerful free graphic modeling tool that EnergyLogic has successfully adopted to streamline the from-plans rating take-off process for our clients. It has proven to be a strong tool when reviewing probationary ratings and performing quality assurance. This training is designed to familiarize you with SketchUp tool and provide you with practice designing a model using the tool. Then we will use the scripts developed by EnergyLogic to generate a report designed for easy input into REM/Rate. Using SketchUp will improve your speed and accuracy in performing take-offs.

Who Should

Who Should Attend:

  • This course is designed for HERS Raters or other energy professionals who take part in energy modeling. It is designed to help complete take-offs for quick from-plans rating data collection



Learning Objectives

After taking this course students will be able to:

  • Have familiarity with using SketchUp.
  • Design a model using SketchUp.
  • Using scripts developed by EnergyLogic, generate a report designed for easy input into REM/Rate.
  • Create takeoffs quicker with higher accuracy.


Course Materials

Prior to taking this course in Scottsdale, students must complete the online portion and download SketchUp.

Bonus: The scripts are included with this course. You’ll be ready to work with SketchUp as soon as you’re done.


More Info

This session is a pre-RESNET 2016 Conference session.  RESNET 2016 will take place in Scottsdale, Arizona.

View the computer requirements for online courses. 

Operating System:

SketchUp components will not work properly on the Mac/Apple operating system unless you are using a windows emulator.  It is strongly recommended that you have access to a PC for these modules.

Important Note on SketchUp:

We strongly recommend that you read the SketchUp software license fine print to determine which level is applicable to you. Depending on how you plan to use the software, you can either use the free “Make” version or you may need to purchase the professional “Pro” version.