RESNET® HERS® Rater Training – REZCAZ

RESNET® Combustion Safety Training – REZCAZ

RESCAZ online training is for RESNET Home Energy Raters and Rating Field Inspectors who currently certified as a BPI Building Analyst and need to meet the certification update requirements for RESNET Combustion Safety Testing.

Instructor: Ben Graham

Option 1 | Online | Self Paced | 4-8 hours
Option 2 | Hybrid | Self Paced + Field Training | 4-8 hours + 1 day field

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Program Overview
Option 1

This streamlined online version, catered for professionals who are certified as BPI Building Analysts, will cover RESNET’s combustion safety standard.  It will provide participants with critical details about the differences between the RESNET and BPI combustion safety testing standards. In addition, it will provide extensive practice in the RESCAZ simulator, and a practice exam to prepare for the RESNET Combustion Safety written exam.

Resources included:

  • Learning Resource – Combustion Safety Overview
  • Learning Resource – RESNET Combustion Safety Testing
  • Activity – InterPlay Energy’s RESCaz Simulator Training
  • Social – Hall of Shame
  • 25 Question Practice Exam
  • RESNET Written Exam Fees
  • RESNET RESCaz Simulated Exam Fees

The EnergyLogic Academy is proud to partner with Interplay Energy. Interplay Energy develops award-winning, 3-D interactive simulation training and testing applications for the professional trade industries. Delivered over the web, Interplay’s products are immersive and life-like, promoting knowledge retention, improved performance, and decreased time to competency. Access to InterPlay Energy’s RESCaz simulation is provided with this course.

Option 2

This option is for individuals who are NOT certified as BPI Building Analysts.  It includes all of the training included in option one, plus a full day of field training.

Credits & Attendance

In order for EnergyLogic to setup your exams, and to receive a certificate of completion, you must complete the entire online training. This includes completing:

  • Learning Resource – Combustion Safety Overview
  • Learning Resource – RESNET Combustion Safety
  • RESCAZ Simulator – You must submit three full simulations to EnergyLogic with a score of 85% or higher.
  • Social – Hall of Shame
  • Quiz

If purchasing Option 2, you must also attend a full day of field training.

Badge Awarded

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Who Should Attend:

  • Professionals that maintain active HERS Rating Field Inspector certification.
  • Professionals that maintain active HERS Rater Certification with a RESNET HERS Provider.
  • Individuals who are able to setup their own proctored exam outside of EnergLogic through a community college, library, or testing center.
  • For option 1: Professionals who already have experience with the diagnostic equipment associated with combustion safety training.*

* Raters electing to take Option 1 must provide EnergyLogic a current BPI Building Analyst certificate.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand how changes to building enclosure, along with air flows in and through a home can have negative impacts on combustion appliances.
  • Learn how to test combustion appliances to find limits of safe operation.
  • Explore the new RESNET standard for combustion safety testing.
  • Prepare for the RESNET Written Exam and RESNET RESCaz Simulated Exam.
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Students are not required to purchase any textbooks or materials. Any necessary resources will be distributed in the course.

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More Info

The tuition for this course does not include the testing fees paid directly to RESNET for:

  • RESNET written examination fee ($50.00) *
  • InterPlay Energy RESCaz Training & Exam ($199.00) *

*Students must set up proctored exams with a local community college, testing center, or library.

The written exam is a 2-hour timed exam with 25 question requiring a passing grade of 80% or higher. The simulated practical exam requires a score of 85% or higher.

With the purchase of this course you will be given access to the RESCaz trainer in order to get familiar with the system. We encourage lots of practice in the RESCaz trainer prior to attempting the exam.

After you enroll in the course you will receive an email with login credentials to the EnergyLogic Academy learning management system. You can start the course at any time. However, because we are required to manually process your enrollment into the RESCaz simulator you will only receive credentials for this system Monday – Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm Mountain Standard Time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we are actively working to find a solution.

View the computer requirements for online courses. 

By enrolling in our self-paced, open enrollment course, you will have 90 days to complete the training. You can complete the training at your own pace, and you do not need to take the whole enrollment period if it is not needed.