WaterSense® Inspector Training

This training will enable you to become a WaterSense Inspector. By partnering with a WaterSense Licensed Certification Provider, you will have the ability to certify homes for the WaterSense program.

Online | Self Paced | 8 – 16 hours


Program Overview

In the EnergyLogic Academy, you will access online lessons, course materials, and resources. At designated times throughout the training you will participate in self-paced activities using the EnergyLogic Academy and alternative internet-based technologies. Participation will consist of learning resources, activities, discussion forums, and quizzes.

The course is divided into sections called modules. These modules are integrative, so each one is built off knowledge gained from the previous one. Please complete module 1 before module 2, and module 2 before 3, and so on. When each module opens, please plan to complete that module that same day. This will be an important part of successful completion of the course. If you do not complete each module, it will be unlikely that you will pass the course. Please refer to our Grading Policy (Part 4 of this syllabus) for information on successfully completing the course.

Credits & Attendance

In order to receive credit for this course participants need to complete all of the modules and activities within the course:

  • Introduction, Program Overview, Roles & Responsibilities
  • Inspection & Quality Assurance
  • 2013 Program Changes

Each module includes learning resources, activities, social forums, and quizzes. All items in each module must be complete to receive a certificate for this course.

Students who complete the above requirements will earn 4 RESNET Professional Development CEUs.

Badge Awarded

Who Should

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who is interested in becoming a certified WaterSense Inspector.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, participants should understand:

  • The objectives of the WaterSense New Homes Program
  • The roles and responsibilities of inspectors
  • The criteria in the WaterSense single-family new home specification
  • How to conduct inspections for WaterSense
  • The QA requirements for WaterSense Inspectors


Required Materials

This course includes activities that are designed for you to test your home. Please make sure to read the materials list closely: WaterSense Inspector Class Tools Needed



More Info

View the computer requirements for online courses.

By enrolling in our self-paced, open enrollment course, you will have 90 days to complete the training. You can complete the training at your own pace, and you do not need to take the whole enrollment period if it is not needed.