Ben Graham

RESNET® Instructor, Green Rater, Auditor

Ben has been with Energy Logic as a HERS Rater since 2012 and has rated close to 1000 new homes in the Front Range. Before joining EnergyLogic, Ben was a BPI Auditor working in the DC Metro area and has performed hundreds of existing home audits for utility sponsored programs.

Ben’s experience working on new construction as well as existing homes, very old and not that old, has given him valuable teachable experience. Ben spends his free time outdoors in any adventurous activity he finds, ranging from rock climbing to hang gliding.

What inspires you?
Trees, Elon Musk, Dick Proeneke

Where did you grow up?
North Central Pennsylvania

Favorite expression
Not all who wander are lost.

Favorite movie
Full Metal Jacket

Top of your bucket list
Cross a major ocean on a sail boat as captain

Favorite Food
Smoked fish

Three things you cannot live without
Butter, sunglasses, hiking boots

“People don’t know this about me, but…”
I have 3 pinky toes