Jordi Kimbrough

Operations Coordinator

Happily married and nowhere near ready for the six boys I want to raise, I live in Fort Collins with my husband, Zach, and 2 year-old rescue mutt, Dexter. As natives to Colorado, we cannot get enough of the snowboarding, hiking, camping, dirt bike riding and beer brewing that occupies our hearts. One day we dream of raising a family on a self-sustaining, off-grid homestead, built from our own hands. But before we pursue those dreams, I have a few travelling needs that must come before children. Namely, exploring Machu Pichu, attending the Lantern Festival in Thailand and pretending to be a witch at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Fl.

Leaving home for the first time, I went to college at Colorado State University-Pueblo on academic and marching band scholarships. Within the first semester, I had met my future husband, established my love for psychology and realized how much I loved being a small-town girl. It is funny, now, to think about my desperation to leave Berthoud as a high schooler and how life has brought me right back here, working alongside parents whose kids I used to babysit or play with in the band.

Throughout high school and college, I worked, as most students do, in the food service industry. Bartending and waiting tables gives you an interesting perspective on the world. The personality, stress and emotional rigor necessary for the job can change a person. I mastered the fake smile and bubbly personality while juggling ridiculous requests, but I found that serving others brought me a lot of satisfaction. Challenging as food service is, I find myself seeking new challenges in the workplace. I am new to this industry but cannot deny the opportunities to learn and develop, here, at Energy Logic. This environment of independence and interdependence fulfills my desire to problem-solve, as well as the need for human connection.