Steve Eagleburger

Field Services Manager & Software Technical Liaison

Steve has been with Energylogic since 2010 as a Field Rater, Team Lead, RESNET® Trainer, Quality Assurance Designee and is International Code Council certified. He’s had 6 years and 1500 ratings worth of actual experience.

Steve was also one of first Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS) certified raters and has certified all but one of the PHIUS+ homes in Colorado. Before Energylogic Steve was an artist and a general contractor. He built the only Earth Block home in Denver and is constantly improving its performance. All of this leads to a well-rounded knowledge of construction and building science as well as a creative approach to teaching.

What inspires you?
People who stand up for social justice and equality

Where did you grow up?
The West

What are you passionate about?
My wife, archery, cask conditioned English ale

Favorite expression
Holy Cats!

Favorite movie
Bringing Up Baby

Top of your bucket list?
Hike the Colorado trail

Favorite Food
Any type of sausage, as long as it’s not made from chicken or turkey.

Three things you cannot live without
Dark Star Ale (see “passionate about”), my wife, my son

“People don’t know this about me, but…”
I played the tuba all through middle and high school