Tom Flanagan

QA and LEED Specialist

Tom came to EnergyLogic in 2012 after working in Washington DC with the USGBC. He is a LEED® Green Rater and International Green Rater QAD. Tom is a HERS Rater, RESNET® QAD, and a WaterSense® QAD.

Tom will be teaching LEED 401, RESNET Rater and WaterSense QAD training. He is a hands-on instructor who believes that learning in this industry is a matter of teaching how and where to seek answers to whatever arises in the field.

What are you passionate about?
Fostering the growth of sustainability

Where did you grow up?
Sudbury, MA

Three things you cannot live without
Family, Coffee, and long weekends

Favorite expression
“That’s not gone well, has it?”

Favorite TV show as a kid
3-2-1 Contact

Favorite movie
The Departed

Favorite food
Homemade Pizza

I earned my degree in…
Political Science – for no good reason.