HERS® Rater Training Exam Info

To complete the training requirement for your HERS Rater certification, you must pass four exams: two written and two online simulation. EnergyLogic, as your Training Provider, will provide access to these exams along with access to the RESNET Testing Portal, where you can prepare for the simulation exams.


You may complete the exams in any order and in as many proctoring sessions as you prefer, but all exams must be proctored by an EnergyLogic approved proctoring facility. You should begin studying for your written exams right away. We recommend you complete the exams shortly after completing this online training and/or attending HERSRater Field Training, so the information is fresh in your mind.

The Next Steps

  • Step 1: Solidify a local proctor
  • Step 2: Begin practicing for the simulator exams via the RESNET Testing Portal
  • Step 3: Schedule exams
  • Step 4: Pass all exams to complete training requirements
  • Step 5: Sign a contract with a RESNET-accredited Rating Quality Assurance Provider

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