EnergyLogic’s 3rd Party QA Services

Support for Industry Success

EnergyLogic has been delivering 3rd Party Quality Assurance (QA) services to a broad spectrum of clients since 2001.

  • DSM Programs
  • Green Building

From DSM programs to outsourced HERS Quality Assurance, EnergyLogic views our work with our QA clients with the utmost seriousness. We are “true believers” in the value and importance of a solid foundation of Quality Assurance in any program. For our own HERS Providership, we set the highest standards. For our clients — whether in our backyard or across the country — we bring the same level of attention to detail, rigor and integrity to every job we undertake. Having the backing of Quality Assurance from EnergyLogic’s experienced staff is priceless when it comes to being audited as a RESNET Provider or going through the Measurement and Verification Process as a DSM program. Choosing your Quality Assurance team is as important as any decision you will make.

We couple this experience with intense passion and dedication to our mission. This synergy allows us to deliver the best trainings and Quality Assurance services in the industry. Quality Assurance oversight and training go hand in hand. Setting the expectations of your DSM Program or HERS Rating Providership with your own custom training helps solidify the feedback loop of Quality Assurance and the oversight process. Oversight without ongoing training can really stunt the growth and quality of a program. That is why we strongly believe in the importance of offering training services alongside our 3rd Party QA.

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